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A snapshot-worthy city moment, captured!


Art Miami Pavilion, Midtown

The sights during Basel can be overwhelming to say the least. Perhaps that’s why the folks at Art Miami decided to make a splash rather early during Art Week and held their VIP preview before visitors had become jaded to all the creative excess around them. The fair in Midtown had one of its most crowded editions to date—and it sure felt that way—as thousands of collectors, artists and art-lovers made their way to the event’s tent to see the offerings of more than 125 international galleries. Moments like this one here were not uncommon. Even though there was much to see and little time to do it in, Mary A. Waters’ diptych “Girls Mirrored” at the Galerie Piece Unique booth made more than one person stop and capture the moment. Of course, Waters’ painting was just one of the artworks causing a commotion. “Everywhere you looked there was something spectacular,” says Gino Campodonico, who did his own share of photographing throughout the night. “I was blown away.”