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Alina Villasante’s brand of feel-good fashion is taking her style empire to new heights.

Alina Villasante

Alina Villasante, the founder of the Peace Love World fashion house, harnesses the power of positive thinking on a daily basis. In fact, her Doral-based lifestyle clothing and accessories brand has made millions because of it. PLW turns out a whopping 74,000 units of merchandise monthly (women, men and kids are covered) via zippered sweatshirts, dresses, hats and scarfs touting messages like “I Am Peace” and marked by symbols like mandalas, crosses and hamsas. Each season, 11 collections of these feel-good garments are introduced. PLW’s latest line, peacelovebohème, is taking the company’s hallmark optimism even further with its “I Am Truth,” “I Am Radiant” and “I Am Lovely” styles. “It’s for fashion-forward women who won’t sacrifice chic for comfort,” says Villasante. “The sayings are positive, connected to the soul, not the ego.”

Soaring above the clouds is nothing new for the Cuban-born Villasante, who landed in Miami at 18. She started PLW in 2009, after she and her husband sold their aviation company. “It was my chance to follow the dream of who I was,” she says. 

As the head of an apparel business well known for its sunny disposition, people might expect Villasante to be the picture of Zen 24/7, but she admits that’s not always the case. “I have my moments,” she says. “Sometimes, it’s hard to sit still. But I always have to be better than the day before.”

As for what’s next, the list seems infinite, as the brand’s licensing agreements expand—NFL and NBA designs are arriving soon—as do PLW’s boutiques and sales outlets (Nordstrom and Harrods in London, among them) around the world. The exponential success has all to do with the company’s founder, who is not only its fearless leader, but also its most ardent believer when it comes to staying on message. 

“It’s really about what’s behind the brand: a world of kindness, goodness and happiness,” says Villasante. “That doesn’t stop.” 

Villasante’s Hots
Beach days, boating, exercising, movies, quality time with loved ones, order and structure

Villasante’s Nots
Chipped fingernail polish, not living in one’s truth, anchovies, drugs, leftovers