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Designer Prints

 Handpainted designs elevate the look of wedding sweets.

 This artful batch of Cake Envy custom-handpainted macarons (seen here on china by The Prissy Plate Company) is available by the dozen for $50.

Gaga for a particular pattern? Your cake designer might be able to paint it onto your wedding dessert. How about that for custom? “Handpainted sweets fit into any luxury event where you really want to make a statement!” says Natalie Bryn, wedding cake designer and owner of Cake Envy. “I don’t see this trend going anywhere.” A self-taught artist, Bryn says, “I always had a knack for anything creative, and painting was a favorite of mine.” She pulls inspiration from everywhere—flowers, pillows, artworks, fashion, even coffee cups and gift card designs. “I see art in most everything,” she explains. Each sweet, depending on if it’s a wedding cake or a macaron, and how many colors and elements are involved, takes anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour for Bryn to complete. The “paint” is made from a creative mixture of cake frosting gel colors and vodka. “The alcohol evaporates and leaves the color behind,” Bryn says. Since handpainting is time-consuming and requires a cake designer to be very detail-oriented, expect for the cost to start around $30 per dozen macarons or $5 per serving for a cake. 2270 McBrayer Court, Cumming, 678.456.8806,