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Block Party

Natalie Walsh of HMR Designs beautifully highlights how color blocking takes your wedding palette to the next level. 

Natalie Walsh of HMR Designs used color blocking, and textured florals and linens, to show the versatility of this dusty blue palette. 

“You can make color so interesting without having to make it complicated,” says Natalie Walsh, who recently joined the team at HMR Designs after 12 years running her own firm, Hello Darling. “With color blocking, the palette is simple but has so much interest.” Recently, Walsh explored the versatility of blue by blocking gray-blue tones in a table setting replete with interesting textures. “Blue feels fresh and crisp, and while it typically tends to be paired with really soft things, like hydrangeas and pastels, I wanted to have it feel more modern while still having a very formal tone,” Walsh says. “This monochromatic look could go well in so many ballrooms but also an empty loft.” Feeling inspired? Walsh suggests taking color blocking to the next level by having each element of the day in a different monochromatic color palette, or encouraging your guests to dress in the chosen color. “How great would that be for photos?” she adds. 


Cream and gold chairs from Halls Rental complement the color palette without detracting from it.