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Taking The Cake

Cakes are print-perfect thanks to pastry chef Jesi Celeita of Dolce Designs.


Jesi Celeita’s handcrafted cakes are filled and frosted with everything from sweet meringue buttercream to cookie butter. 

Pastry chef Jesi Celeita of Dolce Designs has seen baking trends come and go, but for the past four years, the popularity of her printed cakes has remained on the upswing. Using wafer paper printed with edible ink, Celeita offers a bevy of designs from which to choose. Floral patterns, watercolor effects, geometric abstractions or even a photo can be incorporated for the most bespoke design. Celeita handcrafts each one of her cakes herself and is able to accommodate only three weddings per week; booking with her requires a lead time of at least six months.