Bridal Sign Up

Dream Weaver

DC wedding planner Anne Book fuels her high-octane workdays with family time, healthy living choices and a dash of necessary frivolity.

Strong Start

“The first thing I do every morning is make a smoothie with kale and spinach, frozen fruit, almond milk and flax seeds. Then I pray, dress for a workout and set my mind for the day. I’ll make a little breakfast bar with oatmeal for my 10-year-old son, Jack, with little jars of candied ginger, and dates and oranges.”

Canine Time

“We walk to school with our dog, Tater—a sheltie-corgi rescue. On special days, we dive into Dolcezza cafe for a coffee and cocoa, where Tater is always welcome!” 

Healthy Habit

“I head to a class at Barre 3 Georgetown, my favorite studio. The workout is a combo of yoga, Pilates and ballet, and it’s done with small weights—it’s all about aligning your core. I love the community there too. I can ride my bike right into the building.”

Ready, Set

“I meet with Allie Brent, my amazing assistant, at my home office, where she is already there getting the day started. We connect over coffee and set our game plan for the day. Work, work, work. We shop, source, order, design, plan and email the day away—and like to share some behind-the-scenes shots on our Instagram account (@annebook_). I meal plan for the office and home on Sundays, and use Instacart, which is a lifesaver. We like to treat ourselves to a pretty lunch experience: We always light candles and put on our favorite Pandora stations—anything from Frank Sinatra to Bach to Ed Sheeran.

Tea Time

“We take a tea break in the afternoon and start looking at plans for the next day. I’ve always been very into tea and drink all kinds. I take a work break and head to baseball practice with Jack or to Volta Park for a little fresh air with Jack and Tater. I use this time to ‘walk and talk’ by logging some steps and getting some calls in. We start shutting all work down at around 6pm. Jack and I typically bike or walk to dinner to meet friends and neighbors. We love to eat at Town Hall, then take a walk over to Guy Mason park.”

Bubble Therapy

“I take a bath almost every day—it’s my favorite way to end the day, and I really like Molton Brown’s Pink Pepperpod bubbles. I go to bed early—by 10:30. Quality sleep is a must for me to stay sharp during the day!”

Anne’s best advice for planning a wedding that’s anything but cookie-cutter.

Make sure everyone around you is on the same page.
“Start out by building an all-star team of reputable vendors that ‘get’ you.”

Don’t look to Pinterest to find meaning.
“Look for inspiration from your story, traditions, lives and personal values.”

Get a plan(ner)
“A planner is more of an essential than a luxury these days—to present possibilities for options beyond the generic checklist.”