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Men of the Moment 2018

By Tina Borgatta

Photo by Becca Batista | Shot on location at Villas Fashion Island


What do you get when you combine a bespoke menswear designer, a former bodybuilder, a film producer and a hospitality industry veteran? A fascinating quartet of individuals who are setting the stage for personal and professional triumph in 2018 and beyond. Here, they share their stories.

He’s designed suits for celebs like Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith, and sports stars like Kobe Bryant (he wore a David August tux at the Oscars) and Canelo Álvarez. Now he’s expanding with a cut-to-order program.

He’ll soon debut a menswear collab with fighter Conor McGregor.

“From as early as I can recall, I’ve always been passionate about clothes. As a kid, I remember noticing the fit of my clothes and realizing when something just wasn’t right. Then, as a teenager, I put a lot of attention into the outfits I was wearing to school. I even remember teaching my mother exactly how I wanted my shirts pressed. And growing up, I always worked in one of the family’s construction, development, hotel or restaurant businesses. When I graduated college, my father asked me which division I wanted to work in. I told him I wanted to open a clothing store. He told me: ‘That’s the dumbest idea; go talk to Gary, my tailor!’ I came out of that meeting working for Gary. A few years later, I took the leap at owning my own business with a couple of colleagues, and we created David Rickey & Co. I knew I wanted to focus solely on producing custom clothing, and in 2003, David August was born. Now we’re growing the business beyond bespoke suiting with our new cut-to-order spring capsule collection of limited-edition printed trousers. We’ll be expanding the categories for that program throughout the year, and we’re partnering with our client Conor McGregor on an upcoming diffusion brand.” [And keep an eye on Álvarez’s media coverage leading up to his May 5 fight against Gennady Golovkin. He’ll likely be wearing a David August custom suit.]

Photo by Robert Benson