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Next Wave

By Jayne Chase

Photography by Nicholas Mele | Styling by Katherine Lande | Hair & Makeup by Bri Soffa | Shot on Location at The Colony Hotel


Palm Beach’s business community is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more people make a conscious choice to make Florida their home. The young men and women in our “Next Wave” feature represent those making lifestyle choices for their businesses and families. To them, they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


“My business was born out of 15 years of marketing and public relations in the luxury retail and consumer goods business. I started my career in New York City, where I worked for Ferragamo and Cartier, and when I met my husband there, we decided to relocate to Palm Beach because the quality of life was so much better than anywhere else. We thought it was a better place to raise a family; we had extended family here, and we just knew the work-life balance would be so much better in Palm Beach. I began working as an executive at Saks, and after six years and being approached by luxury brands to do special projects over that time, I felt that the market was in need of a company like mine. I had all this big-city/national-level experience with top luxury brands and in a unique place like Palm Beach, where the scope is so small, but the expectations and quality level is so high, I knew it was a great opportunity to take all my experience with these brands and execute them here with amazing clients. And the business in Palm Beach is a part of why we love living here so much. The people you work with are the people you see socially, or your paths cross for some reason. There is a real sense of solidarity and camaraderie here, which makes it so special. Palm Beach is a great place to work, and not a week goes by that I don’t have a conversation with someone in a Northern city who says, ‘If you can find me a job in Palm Beach, I’d move in a heartbeat.’ Dana Gers, global marketing and communications director at Net-A-Porter is my business mentor. I was so lucky to have worked for women like her who incubated my talent and gave me advice along the way.”