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The Next Generation

By Robin Hoods

Photography by Nick Mele


Family businesses are much like families themselves: marked by history, steeped in tradition and bound by love. Here are some of Palm Beach’s multigenerational clans.

Not your average children’s clothing store and surf shop, Aristokids and P.B. Girls Club and P.B. Boys Club are, collectively, a veritable local hangout, as well as popular Palm Beach destination. Each of the three connected shops has a vast selection of everything kids and teens are seeking for their active lifestyles. Aristokids is packed with unique quality product—loafers for the mini-gentleman, essential patent leather mary janes for little ladies, huggable pillows, unicorn-patterned glitter lunch pouches, holographic old-school roller skates, every Beanie Baby under the sun… and much more. P.B. Boys Club is well-stocked to get guys fully prepped for sand and surf action and enjoyment, with everything from surfboards to skateboards, swim trunks to baseball caps, and bongos to ukuleles. And P.B. Girls Club is primed to outfit the young fashionista from head to toe with floppy sun hats, swimsuits, adorable rompers, roomy raffia tote bags and fashion-forward espadrilles.
According to co-founder Rick Wentley, who started Aristokids with his wife, Jodi Wentley, in 1987 (Jodi’s sister, Jamie Applefield, joined in ’89), it’s often the first stop for out-of-town customers after they deplane and the last stop before returning to the airport. Though it’s been open for decades, the family-owned business still operates like a mom-and-pop shop, writing sales slips by hand and greeting patrons by name. The family, who is hands-on in every possible way, gives the company a familiar face, which is precisely why the Wentleys believe people have stayed loyal from generation to generation. “Children who we fitted with their first pair of shoes are now bringing their own kids in for their first pair of shoes, skateboard or surfboard,” says Rick. At Aristokids and P.B. Boys Club and Girls Club, not only will you find all the treats your kids are craving, but, at the same time, you’ll be treated like family. 307-309 S. County Road, Palm Beach, @pbgirlsclub, @pbboysclub

Don’t let the fact that Benjamin G. Boynton works behind a desk fool you; he has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. Though Benjamin, a sixth-generation Floridian, along with his wife, Joanna Boynton, has run Boynton Financial Group Inc., a branch of Raymond James, for 25 years, he has a storied past stemming from both sides of his families’ deep roots in farming and agriculture. It started between the 1920s and ’30s, when the Boyntons were cattle ranchers, and the Wedgworths were best known for developing the BIG W brand of fertilizer and celery production. Their companies, headquartered in Belle Glade, now operates 20,000 acres of farms and ranchlands, and produces an astounding 200,000 tons of custom-blended fertilizer products per year for farms throughout Florida. “My involvement with the farms and fertilizer companies centered around the boardroom after I returned from college,” says Benjamin. As a member of the board of directors, he uses his finance background to aid in the execution of financial plans, problem-solving and decision-making. “We have employees who have been with us for decades and, in some cases, even multigenerational,” says Benjamin. “When your employees care about the business as much as you do, it is reflected in the service.”

Last year, Andrew Siegel began his career with Hamilton, becoming the fourth generation to join the ranks of the prestigious jewelry company. The organization was founded over a century ago and, shortly after, was purchased by Irving and Alice Siegel, and passed down through their son, Martin; Martin’s son, Hank; and, now, Hank’s son, Andrew. As the director of business strategy and operations, Andrew approaches the role while attempting to strike balance between the paradigms established by his great-grandparents and the need for speed that characterizes today’s clientele. “I grew up in a generation that embraces having the world at our fingertips, where digitization can sometimes dilute the intimate experience of our industry,” says Andrew. “My goal is to weave the convenience of global interaction with the personal spirit and quality experience that clients have come to expect from Hamilton and maintain long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers, like Patek Philippe, for example, who have been with Hamilton for over 80 years. Now, we are preparing to roll out an initiative that will allow clients to design their own engagement rings on a touch screen.” 215 Worth Ave., Palm Beach; The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens;

The private real estate investment and operating firm Frisbie Group LLC is a company that has spanned two generations. Since its initial Palm Beach investment in 1996—a property on Tarpon Way invested in by Rick, Dave and Robert Frisbie, the three siblings who comprise what the family refers to as “GEN1”—the firm has had a significant positive impact on the aesthetics, economy and quality of life in Palm Beach. “With regard to our family-owned business, there is no bureaucracy or internal politics,” says Senior Director of Brokerage Suzanne T. Frisbie. “Both generations have been raised in the Musketeers culture of ‘all for one and one for all’; we strive in every sense to be a cohesive, performance-driven team.” The generation factor is so prevalent within the company that, in internal email correspondence and business discussions, the younger Frisbies refer to the senior members as “GEN1, and the younger as GEN2,” says Suzanne. Despite the generations, all the Frisbies share the same aspiration to stand among the practitioners who preceded them and who set the tone for the future of Palm Beach. It’s no wonder that the Frisbie Group’s leadership has received impressive rankings by such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal and The Palm Beach Post. When it comes to the success of the family business, this family really does mean business. 125 Worth Ave.,