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The Spa at Harrah’s

Indulge with The Spa at Harrah’s Soothe & Smooth—a hot lather shave and haircut.


5 Male Grooming Treatments to Try Now

By Allison Mitchell

Photo courtesy of The Spa at Harrah's


Posh pampering isn’t only for the ladies. Here, a roundup of R&R treatments and packages just for the gents.

Ocean Crest Spa
Clear your complexion with Ocean Crest Spa’s men’s facial, featuring a deep cleanse, exfoliation and attentive massage targeting the neck, shoulders and scalp. $140-$180, Carlsbad

Paradise Point Resort & Spa
Sports junkies will love Paradise Point Resort & Spa, a Destination Hotel’s 25-minute detoxifying muscle soak, using East Asian herbs to soothe tired muscles. $75, Mission Bay

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa
It wouldn’t be a grooming list without Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa and its Gentleman’s Facial, which uniquely targets breakout-prone areas. Word to the wise: Refrain from shaving for 24 hours prior to the treatment. $195-$290, Rancho Santa Fe

The Spa at Harrah’s
Recently revamped, The Spa at Harrah’s offers everything from gent-centric foot buffs and moisturizing masks to straight-edge hot lather shaves and beard trims—all served with an Old Forester Bourbon Old Fashioned. $30-$85, Funner

Spa L’Auberge
Hang 10 at Spa L’Auberge with the new Surf Ride package. Smooth your derm with the 50-minute Dude Facial, then unwind with an 80-minute deep tissue massage. $345, Del Mar