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Center of Attraction

By Andrea Bennett

Photography by Becca Batista


They’re the preternaturally gorgeous people that walk among us, making glowing good health look effortless. It turns out that even naturally beautiful people keep a few secrets—and we found a few who would share.

Moe Razi-Mulcahy
She may look like the human embodiment of a perfect china doll, but the design force and busy mom of two doesn’t do a lot of sitting around on this chaise.

Moe Razi-Mulcahy will first describe herself as a wife to Truestar Health CEO Tim Mulcahy and mother to two beautiful daughters. But not only has the interior designer, whose firm, Razi Design, operates in Toronto and San Diego (she designed the interior for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ rented Toronto estate, among other high-profile homes), also achieved independent success, but she manages to stay healthy, fit and look better than her globe-trotting schedule should allow. She credits the Lagree Method, a Pilates-like workout, for getting in shape after her babies: “I’ve been doing it for seven years, three times a week, and it never gets easy!” she says. And one of her secret weapons is Dr. Matt Hubbard at True Chiropractic (4344 Convoy St., San Diego). For those who wonder how she gets that glow, look to her morning superfoods smoothie. To reinforce it? “I use Chantecaille Eau de Rose de Mai [$74] on my skin when it’s dehydrated.”  

1 “I mix up my workout with Orange Theory, which is the only cardio class that motivates me to work out!” Orange Theory Fitness premier membership for $159 per month, multiple locations

2 “I love Chantecaille’s Rose de Mai for the dewy look.” Rose de Mai Face Oil, $185

3 “Most mornings, I take a shake of cacao, maca, bee pollen, protein powder, pineapple, greens powder and coconut water.”

4 “For my date nights or special events, I use this brightening under-eye mask.” Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Mask, pack of eight for $68

5 “I use Bumble and bumble for smooth, soft, beachy hair.” Don’t Blow It, $31

Green Smoothie Photo by Isarapic/iStock