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Served with four straws, the Den After Dark is the perfect cocktail to share.


Getting Lit

By Claire Harper

Photo by Arlene Ibarra


Cocktails with your friends just got a lot more fun.

Normal Heights hot spot Sycamore Den is known for its delicious drinks and ’70s dad-inspired decor by L.A.-based Bells + Whistles, but this cozy “den” location is gaining increasing recognition among cocktail aficionados for its newest—and may we say innovative—large-format drink creation. Served in a functioning battery-operated lamp, the Den After Dark, a funky, modern take on a traditional mai tai, breaks boundaries (and the laws of physics) in its one-of-a-kind vessel. And don’t worry, the power source is encased in weatherproof plastic and 100 percent safe (as is your drink). Bar Manager Jesse Ross is the mastermind behind the delicious libation concocted with vodka, Jägermeister, fresh tangerine juice, fresh lime juice, and housemade clove and orange curaçao. The sweet drink serves up to a party of four ($40) and fits right in with Sycamore Den’s tongue-in-cheek personality—not to mention its retro amber pendant lamps. 3391 Adams Ave., 619.563.9019