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Men of the Moment 2018

By Sarah Feldberg

Photography by Becca Batista | Shot on location at La Valencia


These men aren’t just fascinating and stylish: Their ideas, innovations and developments are changing the landscape of San Diego—and beyond.

Co-founder, I.D.E.A. Partners
Opened IDEA1, a mixed-use development with residential, office, restaurant and event space that’s a centerpiece of the burgeoning downtown I.D.E.A. District 

Breaking ground on East Village Green, a 60,000-square-foot park that will fill an entire city block in the Upper East Village

“Eight years ago, I met Pete Garcia and we started I.D.E.A. Partners. Our feeling was that downtown San Diego had a lot going for it, but what it lacked were jobs and a job-creation engine. We really wanted to create a movement wrapped in a real estate project that could become a magnet for talent and the companies that wanted to attract it. We settled on the Upper East Village, and we called it the I.D.E.A. District, a neighborhood built on pillars of innovation, design, education and arts. The whole concept is getting people close together so that the distance between ideas is shorter. IDEA1, which opened a couple [of] months ago, is a mixed-use development with housing, commercial, restaurant and event space—all the elements that create that rich ecosystem. Now the district is coming together. FabLab, Urban Discovery Academy and 10 Barrel Brewing have moved in, and UC San Diego started construction on its urban hub. It takes a while for a neighborhood to evolve and emerge, but it’s started to feel like this is really happening. I can sense it.”