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Set the Stage

By James Vernette

Photo by William Callan/Contour by Getty Images


San Diego native Andre Charles’ band of fiery performers are coming to town, and we should all be prepared for the unexpected.

Who would have thought that drag queens would become popular mainstream entertainers in 2018? Andre Charles, that’s who. The San Diego native better known as RuPaul has made fans out of your average American with his transgressive performance art and the popular Emmy-winning VH1 reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

On Oct. 7, some of the show’s most popular cast members are sashaying to the Balboa Theatre for “Werq the World,” a variety performance featuring the TV show’s most popular (and outrageous) queens. Unfortunately, RuPaul won’t be making an appearance, but Kameron Michaels, who won the hearts of viewers as Bodybuilder Barbie, promises the show lives up to his vision.

“It’s always entertaining when you put a bunch of queens on stage together,” she says. “The sass is real.” Michaels says the live show is a cakewalk compared to the TV competition, and she is excited that it will allow her to showcase her true personality. “In real life, I’m all about being fierce, fabulous, fun and sexy,” she said.

Though some worry mainstream success will dull drag’s edginess, Michaels isn’t one of them. “Anything that shines a light on the art of drag is progressive and empowering,” she says. “All of the girls on tour are artists that deserve the spotlight. That’s why we all shine so brightly.” 8pm, tickets from $54, Historic Balboa Theater, 868 Fourth Ave.