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A Great City Goes to Pot
Carolyne Zinko | March 25, 2019


Last April 20, the Waldos and other pot fans celebrated something they thought they’d never see in their lifetimes: legal recreational cannabis in California. The Waldos, as locals know, are the five...

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Magnificent Obsession: Great China
Luke Tsai | March 25, 2019


Great China, long a stalwart of regional Chinese cooking in downtown Berkeley, is best known for two things: stellar Peking duck and the finest collection of Burgundies you’ll ever...

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Earth Day is Every Day
Jill Robinson | March 21, 2019


Sustainable travel is tricky. The urge to see the world and experience other cultures is real, yet to do so often has a negative impact on the planet. Take a turn in an eco-friendly direction with an easy, green-fueled getaway...

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One Small Step for Woman
Theresa Gonzalez | March 20, 2019


Florie Hutchinson is an icon for the digital age. First she took on the red stiletto emoji by proposing the more inclusive, less sexualized ballet flat, which was designed by Aphee Messer and approved by...

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Oasis in the Clouds
Wendy Bowman | March 19, 2019


A fully furnished penthouse hitting the market this spring at Jay Paul Company’s 181 Fremont Residences in the so-called East Cut neighborhood is equipped with all the...

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Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop
Luke Tsai | March 19, 2019


Long a staple of various “Best of San Francisco” lists, the coffee crunch cake at Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop is a rarity among the city’s iconic foods, in the sense that a surprising number...

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Novel Ideas
Irene Edwards | March 14, 2019


It isn't all bad news out there… Across the country, poetry reading is on the rise, and in the Bay Area, where one finds a diverse representation of voices, the literary community is flourishing. Here are the lit picks of local pros....

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Artful Living
Allison McCarthy | March 12, 2019


It all started with a large-scale Richard Misrach photograph—a striking blue-green portrait of two people floating in the water. It’s the first piece Claire and Holden Spaht bought for their vacation home in...

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Power Base
Mark Simon | March 12, 2019


Known for its sweeping tolerance of individual difference and strict intolerance of political difference, San Francisco is a big city that, in matters of policy, behaves like a smaller one. Politics is a patchwork of dozens of clubs...

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Art and Soul
Jeanne Cooper | March 12, 2019


When she opened Altman Siegel Gallery in Downtown San Francisco in January 2009, Claudia Altman-Siegel hoped to fill a void—or two. “San Francisco is a difficult place for an artist to live, both because it’s...

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Animal Plan-It
Jeanne Cooper | March 11, 2019


In a region where the hunt for unicorns involves keeping ahead of the pack, the adrenaline rush of an African safari may seem like a busman’s holiday. But Silicon Valley’s high-powered professionals apply the...

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Grand Opening Alert: These Restaurants Are Coming Soon
Luke Tsai | March 11, 2019


Daily Driver
ETA: March 2019
For anyone whose ideal breakfast is a bagel (shown here) with a schmear of cream...

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