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Amy Glazer, a veteran director in theater and film (Drifting ElegantSeducing Charlie Barker), is helming San Francisco Playhouse's... More»


Fort Mason will be transformed this weekend into a mega-art gallery showcasing contemporary and modern works from 70 galleries around the world. At the... More»


Is a first-time feature that lacks star power and is about one of the saddest, most awful stories in recent Bay Area history worth a two-hour wait in the... More»


The actor James Franco is known for his movies like 127 Hours and Spider-Man, but in his new book... More»


Pretending time allowed for the late Francis Scott Fitzgerald and the quirky Baz Luhrmann to sit down over pre-... More»


Sure, you have better things to do than just sit there watching the clock. On the other hand, few things are more mesmerizing than watching ... More»


It's standing room only for ... More»


This marks the 76th year for the beloved (and free!) Stern Grove Festival—and this year's concert series is just as jammed pack with local bands,... More»


In this retelling, a co-production with the Dutch National Ballet that is making its U.S. premiere, “anything you know about Cinderella and Disney... More»


OK, we’ll bite—what on earth does skateboarding have to do with jazz? Both are subcultures with their own lingo and... More»


Long limbs  The company opens with the somber “Handel” with six pieces to various baroque concertos, ending with a... More»


Actor and writer John Leguizamo is known for movies like Moulin Rouge and Carlito’s Way and for lending... More»