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  With the possible exception of another Bay Arean, R. Crumb, Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, Eightball) is about as celebrated... More»


  To paraphrase Goebbels, a lot of conceptual art makes you want to reach for your revolver. All too often, that genre combines the worst of... More»


  The day after Donald Trump’s election victory, Monica Lundy’s mind kept returning to immigration. “So many of my friends... More»

Bouquets to Art

  Life is short; art is eternal. That old saw will be put to the test at the De Young’s... More»


  One was a Parisian postimpressionist; the other was a San Franciscan who helped launch the figurative movement. Nevertheless, Henri Matisse... More»

The Night Ocean, The New Old Me, and Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic

   Alternate Facts and Their Endgame New Yorker contributor and erstwhile San Franciscan Paul La Farge... More»


  The hit play touches down March 10 at SHN’s Orpheum Theater—but it’s already piled up some... More»


  1. For fans of Roe v. Wade: Berkeley Rep hosts the world premiere of Roe, about attorney... More»


  Secrecy, war, and treason are all rich veins for opera to mine. Yet you’ve never seen them explored quite the way they are in Ted... More»


  Just three months after the deadliest fire in Oakland history killed 36 people attending a concert at the Ghost Ship... More»


  Few bands have been as synonymous with Noise Pop as indie-rock... More»


  File this under Some Things Never Change: When archaeologists pried into tombs where kings of the Chinese Han dynasty had been laid to their... More»