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As the cultural director at Foreign Cinema, Bryan Ranere decides if your... More»


While ice-cold beer belongs at every barbecue, you’re going to have a disappointed crowd at your summer cookout if you leave behind the wine. You can... More»

Oysters from Anchor Oyster Bar

  The Chef: Since taking over the kitchen at Oakland’s Plum last September... More»


Having deviled eggs on the menu has become as much of a requirement for restaurants as having refrigeration, but so long as they’re like the ones I... More»


You may not have realized it, but California is deep into a major crisis. It's not the drought, or even the Armageddon-level fires down south. It's a lack... More»


Listen, there is a case to be made in favor of the much-maligned $4 toast. It's really nice bread, and you get like a really nice spread of artisanal local... More»


Sitting outside of Saint Frank on a sunny afternoon last week, Ry Stephen sipped an espresso and... More»


As a still-recent New York transplant, I crave smoked fish on a nearly daily basis. That can be a problem, since comparatively speaking, there just aren... More»


I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the home of Popeyes's first franchise. It opened when I was five, in 1976. I loved their fried chicken, most memorably... More»


The Bay Area cleaned up at last night James Beard Foundation Awards in New York City, winning four categories outright, including the top honors, which went... More»

Chopped beet salad at Bar Tartine

The expert: Sean Baker, executive chef at Verbena His... More»


The other week I was talking to a restaurateur who was trying to describe the food he’ll be serving at his new restaurant in Oakland. “We want... More»