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  Let’s put a rest to the speculation. It’s true. I’m running for mayor of San Francisco.... More»

Behested payments

  It’s only Tuesday, but this has already been a banner week for newspaper stories inspiring confidence in San Francisco government. Not... More»


  Good news, bad news: The state of California is running out of water at an alarming rate (that's the bad news). But we’re also... More»


  True confession: The only times we've been to the Stanyan Street McDonalds in the Haight have been at moments when our heads were... More»

Enrique Pearce

  Influential consultant Enrique Pearce arrived at the courtroom wearing a tan suit and a poker face. He left in handcuffs after prosecutors... More»


  In 2013, Gary Kamiya wondered in this magazine if the Tenderloin would... More»

Enrique Pearce

  Enrique Pearce, the political consultant who worked on the... More»