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SideCar, Uber, Lyft, Flywheel—the world doesn't need another ride-sharing app. If anything, it needs less. The people at... More»


You got any leads? Sergey needs some leads.... More»

salesforce tower

Bringing us one step closer to our inevitable Blade Runner future, San Francisco-based cloud computing company Salesforce just inked a... More»


Dispatches from the SF Culture war is our new, semi-regular scorecard for the Tech versus San Francisco cage match. ... More»


All-time tech good guy Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne announced this morning that they would be donating $100 million to two Bay Area children's hospitals... More»


“There’s a lot of evidence that this bubble is not a bubble.” ... More»


1. Open-sourcing the ocean Schmidt Ocean Institute, Palo Alto Billionaire Google chairman Eric Schmidt has fashioned... More»

 PonoPlayer promises high-quality music that can fit in your pocket.

Music legend Neil Young is sick of low quality stuff—but he's not talking about his "... More»

The wolves of bitcoin at play

“Are you selling Bitcoin?” Kate Danaher has her phone in one hand and a $10 bill in the other. The 52-year-old animal... More»


On March 25, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a young computer scientist, published a paper... More»


New York magazine writer Kevin Roose is on a tear lately. And we don't just mean his feature on young Wall Street employees moving to Silicon... More»