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10 Things You Should Know About Mike Tyson

Iron Mike is coming to town, baring his soul in his new one-man show Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth (written by his fourth wife Kiki Tyson, and directed by—of all people—Spike Lee). But in case the only place you know him from is the Hangover, here’s ten things you should know before going to the show.

1. He’s the only boxer to ever hold the three biggest titles in the sport—WBC, WBA, and IBF—simultaneously, in 1988.

2. He has been married four times and has eight children.

3. He claims caught his ex-wife, Diff’rent Strokes star Robin Givens, and Brad Pitt doing the dirty when filing for divorce in 1988.

4. He was convicted of raping a Miss Black America contestant and spent three years serving time in prison.

5. He claims to have impregnated a prison guard during his time in the bunker.

6. He took a chunk out of fellow boxer Evander Holyfield’s ear in the fight for the WBA title in 1997.

7. He once refused to hold a koala because he was afraid it would bite him, though he was eager to make clear the comment was in no way meant as a reminder of the Holyfield-ear-biting incident.

8. He did a surprisingly funny spoof of Herman Cain for during the last election. Money quote: “Because the Tea Party loves crazy more than they hate blacks, and I’m crazier than a shithouse rat.”

9. He owned three tigers—until filing for bankruptcy, at which point he sold one to a tattoo artist in Indiana.

10. He now flies carrier pigeons.


Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, February 28–March 2, Orpheum Theater (1192 Market St. at Hyde St.) 

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