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2017 Gift Guide: David Barzelay

He throws the city’s most elevated dinner parties on a nightly basis.

The Giver: David Barzelay. Chef and Co-Owner, Lazy Bear. He throws the city’s most elevated dinner parties on a nightly basis, so he knows how to make people happy.

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t wait for an occasion to give a gift. If you see something that reminds you of someone, go ahead and get it for them. Gifts at unexpected times can be the most special.” Lazy Bear 3416 19th St.

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For: My friend whose wine appreciation is steadily increasing.
Diamond Point decanter$195, Tiffany & Co. 

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For: The perfectionistic yet forgetful micromanager in your life [thus, me, if I'm in your life].
Field Notes memo book$11, Rare Device

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For: My friend who is all about impromptu outdoor adventures.
Pendleton Motor Robe, $100, Aggregate Supply

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For: Someone who could use another ritualistic way to waste time each day.
Rancilio Silvia M V5 espresso machine$685 at

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For: The passionate home cook whose kitchen supplies need an upgrade.
A set of good kitchen knives with several sharpenings included.
Bernal Cutlery

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For: The girlfriend or wife with a messy nightstand or dresser.
Strongbox$38 at


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For: A fellow chef frustrated by cheap and crappy cast-iron skillets.
Butter Pat cast-iron skillet$245-$395 at

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For: Someone who is finally, at well past the age of 30,ready to retire the Solo cup.
Tortoiseshell old-fashioned glasses, $14, Hudson Grace

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For: The grandfather who appreciates a well-made drink.
Macallan Rare Cask$270, K&L Wine Merchants

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For: My geeky baker friend, who always follows the recipe.
Modernist Bread series, $586, Green Apple Books

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Check out the gifts in the slideshow above, and read more with the links below.

Catherine Bailey, co-owner, Heath Ceramics
David Barzelay, chef and co-owner, Lazy Bear
Emily Holt, owner, Hero Shop
George Revel, owner, Lost Coast Outfitters
Ray Signorello Jr., owner, Signorello Estate
Sherri McMullen, owner, McMullen Boutique
Lisa Wong Jackson and Lisa Fontaine, owners, Morningtide
Natalie Bowen Brookeshire, owner, Natalie Bowen Designs
Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy, interior designer (Jeffers) and co-owners, Jay Jeffers—The Store


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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