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2017 Gift Guide: Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy

One of San Francisco’s design and entertaining power couples.


The Giver:
 Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy, Interior Designer (Jeffers) and Co-Owners, Jay Jeffers—The Store. One of San Francisco’s design and entertaining power couples, Jeffers and Purdy shop like it’s their job (it is) and are known for their unexpected gifts. Jay Jeffers—The Store 1035 Post St. 

Words of Wisdom: “Being a good gift giver is a year-round job. Keep notes on clients or friends and things they mention that they like. Then you’ll know immediately when you find the perfect gift.”

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For: Our friend with the new man cave.
Neptune Glassworks “shot glasses”, $60, Jay Jeffers—The Store

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For: Our favorite gallery owner, celebrating 20 years in business.
Two custom boxes of black and white roses from Venus et Fleur, each laid out in an “X” to represent two decades, $299 Per Box at

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For: Our current clients.
Philip Marks chocolates tucked inside an Alexandra Von Furstenberg box, $200—$300, Philip Marks; Jay Jeffers—The Store

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For: Our friend who fancies himself a budding mixologist.
Pierre champagne cooler$1,500, Jay Jeffers—The Store

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For: Our dogs, Kingsly and Olive.
Giobagnara leather dog bed$1,200, Jay Jeffers—The Store

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For: Our clueless pal who desperately needs tips on what to buy the wifey.
Cigar ring (or anything else) by local designer Emily Wheeler,  
$11,400, Jay Jeffers—The Store

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For: Each other, since we seem to be traveling every week.
Subscription to a private jet service, like GoGo Jets,

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For: Our virgin Burner bestie.
An indestructible JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth speaker, $60 at

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For: Our niece—we take being guncles very seriously.
Something frilly from the new Gucci kids’ collection, $1,850, Gucci 

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Check out the gifts in the slideshow above, and read more with the links below.

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Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy, interior designer (Jeffers) and co-owners, Jay Jeffers—The Store


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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