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Best of San Francisco 2018

Featuring S.F.’s skyscraping public artwork, Day for Night, and 260 more towering achievements on every side of the bay. 

Salesforce Tower, crowned by Jim Campbell’s Day for Night, the 11,000-LED artwork that reflects moving images off the building’s exterior.


San Franisco reached new heights this spring. Literally. With the official opening in May of Salesforce Tower—crowned by Jim Campbell’s light display Day for Night—the city entered a new era, in which its upper reaches were no longer defined by the landmarks of yesteryear. Spiritually, too, the city has seemingly exploded outward and upward. Out with $5 toast, in with $22 cheesecake. Here, we count off the 260 things, places, and services, from an adults-only video game arcade to a tech-enhanced Yves Béhar baby crib, that represent peak San Francisco.

How Day for Night artist Jim Campbell reflected a city back onto itself—for better and for worse. By Ian A. Stewart  


From biryani to fried chicken, khao mun gai to custard-filled empanadas: the eateries expanding and redefining our civic palate.

From delivering weed to delivering kids, a guide to the handymen, services, and apps making life a little easier.

A late-night balloon party at the Exploratorium, an adults-only video arcade, and the rest of San Francisco’s finest in revelry.

A compendium of the city’s leading boutiques, pop-ups, and mom-and-pops.

North of the City
Power lunches, holistic yoga, and lots of wine: your ultimate guide to the North Bay.

East of the City
Reborn water slides, calvados cocktails, and everything else from the sunny side of the bay.

South of the City
From the ultimate spa day to the perfect park to picnic in, Silicon Valley still offers a chance to unplug.

The Hyper-Specialists: These Businesses Are Going All In On One Big Idea‬

Global Brain Freeze: Why settle for plain ice cream when you can lick shaved snow and mangonadas?

Let’s Work Together: The gig economy has inspired a gaggle of coworking spaces for every type of worker bee.

Spirit Animals: Meet the masters behind the city’s single-drink specialty bars.

Farm-to-Face Skincare: The ingredient lists of these skincare lines read like the menu at your favorite restaurant.

So S.F., It Hurts: Four Only-in-the-Bay Phenoms We Almost Hate Ourselves for Loving (but Actually Really Love)


Originally published in the July issue of
San Francisco

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