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Best of SF: A Fitness Class for Every Mood

When the world kicks your ass, these folks will help you kick right back.

Rhythm & Motion at ODC.


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When you’re reeling from a breakup: Cardio Boxing
When punching your mattress gets old, the 100-pound bags at Hit Fit will be there to take the heat. The class is about building technique, not choreographed routines. Drop-in classes are $30, but it beats having your ass handed to you by a bottle of tequila. 1150 Sutter St. (at Polk St.), 415-440-8269

When you’re out of Prozac: SoulCycle
SoulCycle may have a rep for being cultish and cheesy. Then again, so does Oprah, and she’s got life figured out. Sign up for a candlelit class ($30) and you’ll get your very own Oprah shouting positivity at you, all while burning calories. Multiple locations, 

When you’re feeling daring (but not Mavericks daring): Surfset
This class at Sweat Republic ($25) is less like actual surfing than like resigning yourself to being antagonized by gravity for 50 minutes. Your board is nowhere near water—it’s balanced on Bosu balls. You’ll leave with a core workout, shaky legs, and no unseemly wetsuit tan. 2184 Greenwich St. (near Fillmore St.), 415-896-4405

When you just want to dance: Rhythm & Motion
Dancing queens and newbies, young and old, everyone’s shakin’ booty to a mix of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B at ODC. Classes ($15) pair the challenge of learning steps with the dance-floor euphoria of a good party. 351 Shotwell St. (at 17th St.), 415-863-9830

When you’re tired of gym narcissists: Cardio-Tone Yoga
Yes, yoga can still be yoga without a mirror. Break your gaze with this morning and evening rooftop flow. You won’t be shivering in your Lulus for long: The vinyasa class ($22) warms up quickly (and your sun salutation will be more than theoretical). 360 3rd St. (at Harrison St.), 415-999-6150


Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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