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Best of SF: A Thrift Store for Every Mood

Cast on, cast off.

A maze of windows at Building Resources.


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You’re feeling adventurous: Alemany Flea
Quaint, it ain’t. This folding-table flea market, which pops up beneath the 280 overpass, is the grandma’s attic of swag—assuming your grandmother was more of an indiscriminate hoarder than a fine antiques collector. The spread includes picture frames, sporting gear, chinoiserie, and toys. 100 Alemany Blvd. (near Crescent Ave.), Sundays, from 7 a.m. 

You’re trendy, but cheap: Crossroads
Printed onesies? Check. Overall jorts? Yep. Jaunty Hawaiian shirts? Right this way. If it was trendy at H&M, Forever 21, or Banana Republic last year, it’s probably found its way to the racks at Crossroads by now. Your $25 will go far. Multiple locations,

You’re on a domestic kick: Cookin’
First things first: Longtime owner Judy Kaminsky doesn’t care if you shop here. If you’re looking for a particular hue of Le Creuset, go to Williams-Sonoma. If you’re the sort of self-possessed cook who appreciates well-used cast iron, forgotten kitchen kitsch, and vintage dishware, come on in. 339 Divisadero St. (near Page St.), 415-861-1854

You spent it all on rent: Thrift Town
One relocated twentysomething’s trash is your treasure. At the beginning of every month, the second-floor home “department” is a gold mine of furniture, kitchen gear, and decor. 2101 Mission St. (at 17th St.), 415-861-1132 

You’re feeling crafty: Building Resources
The outdoor lot looks like a puzzle-piece house: rows of windowpanes, doors, and rickety chairs. Inside, barrels are filled with beach glass, stones, ceramic fragments, and mirrored bits, all sold by the pound. 701 Amador St. (at Cargo Way), 415-285-7814


Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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