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Bread Pudding Better Than Grandma's

Presenting the hottest new route to a sugar high: one buzzed about, one off the radar, both worth seeking out.

Schulzies lemon custard bread pudding.

Hooker's banana–salted caramel bread pudding.

Hot: Schulzies Bread Pudding
In late January, this bread pudding bar came to Hayes Street with all the trappings of an ice cream parlor. Among the 12 daily scoopable offerings, our loyalties lie with the lemon custard flavor—sweet-tart on its own or balanced with a dousing of vanilla bean sauce. Classic bread pudding fans may balk at its lack of a crusty top and warm center, but owner Sarah Schulz has gained a crazed following for her gooey, soft recipes, which are based on fresh bread rather than the usual stale. 364 Hayes St. (near Gough St.), 415-565-7336

Hidden: Hooker’s Sweet Treats
It’s easy to miss Hooker’s, a minuscule Tenderloin café worth searching out for the bread pudding alone. Owner David Williams uses a two-day process to create his pudding’s particularly dense and custardy core. Flavors range from strawberry-chocolate to the best-selling banana–salted caramel. Top it with Hooker’s warm, housemade bourbon caramel. That’s an order. 442 Hyde St. (near O'Farrell St.), 415-441-4628

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of San Francisco.

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