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Brunch Madness: (3) Zazie Vs. (6) Spruce

Round Eight: The tiny Cole Valley bistro takes on the Michelin heavyweight. 

Gingerbread pancakes vs. beignets

Zazie's gingerbread pancakes vs. Spruce's beignets

Who has the best brunch in the city? Our first ever Brunch Bracket pits sixteen of the city's most popular brunch spots in a single elimination, fight-to-the-death tournament. Our food editor Rebecca Flint Marx seeded the contenders, but it's your votes that decide who wins. Every weekday, you'll have a chance to vote on the day's matchup until we decide our ultimate winner. Yesterday, number two seed Brenda's French Soul Food decisively defeated number seven seed Universal Cafe.

Winner: Spruce 90%. Runner-Up: Zazie 10%.

Today's match-up:

(3) Zazie
Address: 941 Cole St. (near Parnassus Ave.)
Signature Dish: Gingerbread pancakes with seasonal Bosc pears and lemon curd
Vibe: A friendly grandmother's house—so friendly that on Monday's "Bring Your Dog to Dinner Night" any canine companion will score you $10 off a bottle of wine
Representative Patron: Animal lovers with nine-to-five jobs who on Sunday want two types of French toast and infinite varieties of eggs benedict
Weakness: Does dog-friendly always mean diner-friendly?

(6) Spruce
Address: 3640 Sacramento St. (near Locust St.)
Signature Dish: Beignets with vanilla sugar, fresh-fruit preserves, and crème anglaise
Vibe: An unassuming millionaire's mansion with a room called the Library and furniture custom designed by Williams-Sonoma
Representative Patron: San Francisco editorial interns with an unhealthy obsession for beignets
Weakness: Does a restaurant really need a library?

Do you prefer to brunch on the patio or in the library? Do you prefer to spend Mondays with your dog or Michelin stars? Do you prefer the choice between three types of pancakes or fresh ricotta blintzes? Can the small neighborhood bistro beat the tournament's only Michelin-starred restaurant? Vote here to let us know your pick. The poll will be open for 24 hours, so jump onto Twitter and Facebook to rally your friends!

Follow along with the full bracket here. 


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