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Cooking with Figs, but Craving Meat

A16's Chris Thompson on his culinary inspirations right now.

The chef: Chris Thompson, executive chef and salumaio at A16 in the Marina.

What he cooks: For figs’ last hurrah this year, Thompson makes a fig salad ($13) with Brown Turkey and Adriatic figs, ancho cress, pepper cress, toasted pistachios, caciocavallo cheese, and sweet saba. “I love how ripe figs almost have their own jam inside,” says Thompson. “It plays off the bitter spice and minerality of the two cresses.”

What he craves: “The #1 Italian Combo (pictured) from Lucca Deli across the street. The meats are really nicely sourced, and I feel transported—like I’m in a little shop in Naples or Rome.”

A16, 2355 Chestnut St. (at Divisadero St.), 415-771-2216

Lucca Delicatessen, 2120 Chestnut St. (near Steiner St.), 415-921-7873


Originally published in the September 2013 issue of San Francisco

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