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 “Hardly anyone had even a clue that Ilya was depressed, let alone suicidal,” his friend Mitch Altman blogged after Zhitomirskiy’s death in November. “He was bubbly, cheerful, excited about all the way-cool projects he was implementing…Ilya [pictured here] must have felt *so* alone, *so* isolated. If he had reached out, maybe—maybe—he could have lived another day. But  he didn’t.”

 Noisebridge cofounder Mitch Altman’s “Geeks & Depression” meetups have spread as far away as Berlin.

WePay cofounder Rich Aberman bought into the myth of the young geek genius—and as a result, he was blindsided by how brutal his startup’s first year was. 

Dark side of the boom

Diaspora was supposed to be the “Facebook killer.” Then 22-year-old cofounder Ilya Zhitomirskiy committed suicide. E.B. Boyd reports on how his death has touched a nerve in Silicon Valley—and forced one of its biggest secrets out in the open.