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Dispatches from the SF Culture War

The latest salvo in what feels like a never-ending conflict: Marc Benioff in the Los Angeles Times.

Marc Benioff. 

Dispatches from the SF Culture war is our semi-regular scorecard for the Tech versus San Francisco cage match.

Culture Warrior: Marc Benioff, native San Franciscan, and founder of tech company Salesforce and civic organization

Broadside: Benioff thinks that his fellow tech employees suffer from self-inflicted wounds.

Take-Away: The tech industry has to stop its "stinginess."

Sample Line: "With more anxiety among citizens about the changes going on, this is more important than ever. If you're coming to San Francisco, you've got to do better."

Mood: The wrap up seminar of a three day business retreat at the airport Hilton.

Weakness: Is this all just a thinly veiled attempt to get more tech firms to join 

Tech Friendliness Rating (1=technophobe; 10= technophile): 6. Benioff isn't mad—he's just disapointed. 

Fallout: Benioff's call for more Haases and Hellmans and fewer Gopmans and Shihs is so uncontroversially vanilla that it earned major plaudits from USA Today.

Read the full story at the LA Times.


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