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Drunken Banker Pretends to be TSA Agent, Pats Down Women at SFO

No, his name is not Jordan Belfort.

TSA checkpoint: real or fake?


A 53-year-old man got drunk at SFO and pretended to be a TSA agent earlier this week. After successfully running “patdowns” on two women in a private screening room, he was caught and arrested. As of now, the wily ole perv faces public drunkenness charge—but more serious charges could be forthcoming. 

Details emerged today about the man's identity. Turns out he is Eric McLean Slighton, a financier with residences in San Francisco and Hong Kong. He's one of the partners at Aktis Capital Singapore, a private equity firm, and before that he worked for Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong. Slighton was supposed to be boarding a flight to Hong Kong at the time of the incident. (If this whole episode reminds you of a scene from Wolf of Wall Street, when Leo DiCaprio's character drunkenly dry-humps an unwilling stewardess, you're not alone.)

Authorities were unable to track down the two women, who left to catch their flights, but reports say that they were both foreigners. Allegedly, Slighton was wearing a blue polo similar to the TSA uniform, and he had swiped a pair of latex gloves. That’s it. Shop for shirts at the Gap, and you're basically a TSA agent.

The TSA is now handling the case, so expect consequences to come slowly, shoelessly, and without training.


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