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Eleven Actual Things People Said at TechCrunch Disrupt

 Presented without commentary:*

"It's a human-computer interface solution."

"The only way to not get leapfrogged is to leapfrog yourself."

"We have three pillars of the platform strategy, which are build, grow, and monetize."

"I wrote an app to share haikus."

"The instinct of when the market starts to bootstrap itself up."

"The shifts in mobile are providing these incredible waves of disruption in enterprise services."

"Last week I had dinner with Ram Dass."

"Who [Steve Jobs] was was a true prophet and visionary in the spirit of innovation."

"We need to innovate the way we think about technology and build the products users use."

"Bartending and drink services have not been innovated in centuries."

"That's the beauty of our company: We've completely circumvented the government process."

"Specialist Wardrobe Augmentation Technician."


* Apparently the inimitable Kevin Roose did this last year, but seriously, we couldn't resist. 


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