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Famished: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

Food editor Sara Deseran on what's eating S.F.

Smoked tako wiht sesame, turnip pickle and radish at LihoLiho Yacht Club

A capp at Réveille Coffee truck

Smoked octopus is my new favorite thing.

Chef Ravi Kapur served it at the Cochon party that I blogged about. And he serves it at LihoLiho Yacht Club, his Monday night Hawaiian pop-up at Citizen's Band that I went to last week. In trying to figure out if this is Kapur's own genius, or something that everyone brings to an island potluck, I googled it and landed on almost more images of another kind of smoking octopus than the edible kind. (I suppose, for a good stoner, having eight “hands” from which to smoke is one vision of heaven.)

The octopus dish was just one part of the LihoLiho 12-part feast. A casual feast, I might add. Not futzy, foamy fanciness. It was tossed with a little salty turnip pickle and sliced radish and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Then there was a Vietnamese-inspired dish of vinegar sausage on top of rice noodles, peanuts and mint. Oh, then there was the fried quail with a spicy-honey, fish-sauce glaze. So much to report. The whole prix-fixe dinner will cost you $65, but you’ll walk away full, kind of like you just had the coolest plate lunch ever, coursed out beautifully instead of piled into a Styrofoam box. Come hungry.

The Réveille Coffee truck is my other newfound love. Though this is a bit more of an addiction. I’m at the one on Pacific near my office every morning pretty much, blithely shelling out $3.25 for my cappuccino fix. Hey, take my money! I think it’s the best capp in the city. Of course it all tastes better when it’s served from a very coolly designed truck from a couple of friendly brothers. Because it’s near the offices of Dwell, they’ve gushed about it too. If you want to see well-dressed men, this is the spot. They come from ad agencies, Levi’s corporate office, architecture offices and more. Every day, I marvel. Girls, step up your game.

Last, but a very practical not-least, I did a some price comparison shopping the other day, inspired by a (ahem) "discussion" my husband and I had had about Whole Foods prices versus Mollie Stone's. But Whole Paycheck, as its known, while certainly not cheap, is definitely a lot cheaper. My victory lap was slowed by how shocked I was. Clearly, I'm not someone who penny pinches when it comes to food, but I was kind of floored. Here are my results. We’re not talking a difference of a quarter. We’re talking $1. I'm taking my price comparisons to other markets, both independent and not. Keep up with Famished, which runs every Friday, for the results.

Fage Yogurt
Mollie's: $4.59
Whole Foods: $4.39

Vital Vittles Sesame Millet Bread (the same! you can now shop at both markets for a hippie loaf)
Mollie's: $4.99
Whole Foods: $4. 99

Annie's Bunny Crackers (these are technically for the kids, but you got to love a bunny cracker)
Mollie's: $4.49
Whole Foods: $3.39

Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran
Mollie's: $4.99
Whole Foods: $3.39

Straus Milk
Mollie's: $4.69
Whole Foods: $4.39