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Hate Your Commute—Blame Twitter

Drive times are up thanks to the economic boom. 

Time for a good news, bad news situation. Let's start with the bad news. If you drive to work, your commute times have increased. Trips that took thirty minutes a year ago now take up to an hour. The good news? At least you have a job to go to. But so does almost everybody else.

That's according to the San Jose Mercury News, which is reporting all the gory details. Taken together, San Francisco and Oakland are the third most congested region in the country. In 2010, San Jose was number thirteen. Now's it five with a bullet.

The culprit? Like everything from toast that costs too much to rising evictions, the blame is on the region's torridly growing economy. As the amount of jobs increase, so too do the amount of commuters. Pretty soon, we should be expecting the protestors who gathered in front of the Twitter Dome on the day of the IPO to add that to their list of grievances. 

You know what would ease the driving trouble? In-fill development. That way people could just walk to work. Know of any sites open? Maybe on the waterfront?


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