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Insider Advice for the Best of the Bay Party

San Francisco magazine staffers tell you how to best enjoy the best party of the year. 

"I like to prepare in one of two ways. Either I gorge myself on food and booze all week leading up to the party in order to create more stomach elasticity. Or I fast all week. Both methods work pretty well, but the first is way more fun."  —Jon Steinberg, Editor-In-Chief
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"Go outside and watch the sunset from the patio! It's amazing!" —Whitney Lynn, Sales & Marketing Manager
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"From a food-minded perspective, it's always good to start with lighter items like gazpacho, crudos, ceviches and salads paired with white spirits (blanco tequila, vodka, gin) or white wine. Then move on to heavier red meats with red wines and graduate to darker spirits (bourbon, aged tequila), then dessert. It's easy to confuse your palate at taste arounds, so this will provide the best ride." —Carolyn Alburger, Associate Editor
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"Many of the wineries bring their actual winemakers. I tell people to ask the winery they are getting a pour from if he or she is the winemaker. It's a good way to get in with the winery, be welcomed to the winery, and learn interesting new things!" —Katie Prevost, Marketing Director
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"Make sure to check out stuff other than the food! Polite in Public will be doing a western-themed photo booth, Magnolia will be doing video games again in their lounge, and Instapparel will be doing a really cool thing where they take instagrams and put them onto t-shirts." —Jillian Rago, Marketing Coordinator
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"Have an excuse ready for coming in late to work on Friday, especially if you're planning to make it to the after party, which has more of a dance/lounge vibe and is also free!" —Rachel Ward, Marketing Editor
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San Francisco's biggest party of the year is this Thursday night, and with 38 restaurants and 12 bars represented, plus several hours of music and dancing at the City View at the Metreon, you need a plan of attack before going in. But fear not: the magazine's staffers are here to dole out some advice for you to take full advantage of the bacchanal.  


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