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Jerky Neighbor Makes Zuckerberg Staffer "Want to Punch People in the Face"

Househusbands of Palo Alto.


Mark Zuckerberg! He’s just like us. He tries to read books! He likes the Mission! He has a crazy neighbor who bought the house behind his in what appears to be a shakedown scheme! Who hasn't had that happen to them?

According to court documents obtained by Bloomberg Business, in 2012, a real estate developer named Mircea Voskerician told the Facebook honcho that he was planning to rebuild a neighboring home in Palo Alto and replace it with a 9,600-square-foot manse that would have a view straight into Zuckerberg’s master bedroom. Of course, that was unless Zuckerberg wanted to buy the land from him at a hefty markup. Zuckerberg agreed, ultimately buying Voskerician’s contract for the entire property. However, Voskerician says that as a condition of that deal, Zuckerberg agreed to introduce him to movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. Now he’s filed a lawsuit saying that because the Boy Wonder didn’t hook him up with Elon, Sergei, and Larry, Voskerician should get the land back.

As part of the litigation, several emails exchanged among Zuckerberg’s inner circle have come to light. In one, his financial advisor writes that Voskerician was offering an “obscene proposal.” In another, his personal assistant says, “this type of behavior makes me want to punch people in the face,” and adds a sad face emoji. Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan, writes “It’s stuff like this that makes me so sad and angry.” (It was unkown at press time what emoji if any she added.)

As part of the deal, Voskerician asked for a face-to-face thirty minute meeting with Zuckerberg to discuss a proposal for “modern science based sustainable living”—an offer that Zuckerberg’s team clearly had no interest in. Eventually, the relationship between the two camps broke down and Voskerician turned to litigation. Zuckerberg’s legal team denied the claims of fraud, breach of contract, and misrepresentation in a court filing in October. Chances are good that Zuckerberg won’t have problems like these with other neighbors in Palo Alto—because he doesn’t have very many. He’s bought three properties surrounding the home, one for $10.5 million, one for $14 million, and another for $14.5 million.

But those are just the neighbors of one house. Wonder what the folks next door to Fort Zuckerberg near Mission Dolores Park are making of all this?



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