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Linea Caffe Opens Its Doors Today

The latest specialized coffee destination in the Mission also traffics in waffles.

 Andrew Barnett with Linea Caffe sign

 Anthony Myint's Brussels-style Waffle

Coffee menu

Put down the sugar cube. Today, Andrew Barnett of Ecco Caffe fame has soft-opened his teeny new coffee shop Linea Caffe (3417 18th St.), located just around the corner from Duk Loi Market in the Mission District. Whereas some of the city's Third Wave roasters such as Ritual Roaster focus on a lighter roast, Barnett's main objective is to roast beans that produce a sweet, clean, and balanced espresso. "Our coffee is really so sweet, naturally. You don’t even need to add sugar to it," he says. Linea translates to “line” in Italian and for Barnett that is the soul of his newest concept: the line connecting the seed of the coffee cherry to the roasting process to, ultimately, your cup.

As if this isn't enough sweetness, he's paired up with Anthony Myint of Mission Chinese Food and Commonwealth to create a small menu of food items for the café. For right now, the menu will be comprised of Brussels-style Waffles and green salads from Myint’s, another charitable endeavor from the philanthropist-chef in which a dollar from every salad goes towards the movement to solve the climate crisis.

Barnett sees Linea as the “antithesis” of some of the larger, existing coffee shops and at 292 square feet, he’s right. Eventually, he hopes to get outdoor seating but for now, Linea offers take-out only with a focus solely on, well, espresso drinks. For the drip addicts, Barnett will also sell bags of the beans he sources and roasts. “Espresso is one preparation of coffee,” Barnett continues, “We want to just focus on this one thing and do it really well. Maybe at some point we’ll do drip or French press, but we want to hone in on this, like a place that only does barbeque or fried chicken." Hmmmm. Speaking of, fried chicken would certainly pair well with those waffles.

Linea Caffe officially opens on Friday and will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.


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