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Monster energy drinks suing SF.

Monster Energy Drink Is Suing S.F. for Being Totally Lame: Sometimes the headline says it all. Here's the twisted, sordid tale of Monster Energy Drink suing the City for—you guessed it—being totally lame. [H/t: SFist]

Map of Ellis Act Evictions, 1997-2013: An interactive map of every eviction under the Ellis Act, a state law that allows landlords to give tenents the boot if they are taking the building off the rental market. Dense concentrations in the Castro, North Beach, and the Mission. [H/t: San Francisco Bay Guardian]

Neglected Haight Parklet Could Cost $5000 To Remove: The neighbors hate it, the plants are dead, and its collecting trash. But who pays to get rid of a parklet? [H/t: SF Appeal]

Steven Sodebergh’s State of Cinema Talk: Speaking at the San Francisco International Film Festival, the acclaimed director "dropped some grenades" about what he sees as the sorry state of today's cinema. [H/t: Deadspin]

Bolts Put Crimp in Bay Bridge Party Fun: In today's Matier and Ross column, they report that plans for a Labor Day bash to celebrate the opening of the new Bay Bridge have been put on hold—since the snapping bolts have everybody a little worried. [H/t:]

Writing Party at The Mill Monday Night: A group of writers will be taking over The Mill this Monday to write. And they mean it—no laptops, no iphones. Just pen, paper, and a lot of frustration. If you're crazy enough, you can even join them. [H/t: Haighteration]

NY Times Parchutes Pete Wells Into Saison: The New York Times' Pete Wells plants a sloppy kiss all over Saison, declaring it, "one of the most compelling meals I've ever been served on the job." As for us, we'll take Donkey Sauce. [H/t: New York Times

Miss Ollie’s Review Raises the Question: What Is Authentic?: The Chronicle's Michael Bauer dips into his mailbag and has some deep thoughts after a reader accuses him of being too white to understand Afro-Carribbean food. We're having flashbacks to freshman year in the Berkeley dorms. [H/t:]


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