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Lunch Break Link Bait

The fascinating, the important, and the bizarre from our friends on the interweb.

Bob’s Burgers Live Comes To SF: Our favorite animated show that isn't Archer brings the cast to San Francisco for a live table read and more, this Saturday. [H/t: SF Appeal

Income Inequality Along the BART, Muni, and CalTrain Lines: An eye-opening interactive data visualization. Check out the jumps in income as you move along the Pittsburgh/Bay Point Line or the 19 Polk. [H/t:@DANGROVER AND @MIKEZ]

Niners’ new stadium will carry Levi’s tag: That name isn't too bad. After all, the way we things are going it could have been Google Stadium. [H/t: sfgate

Philz Coffee gets an eight-figure Silicon Valley investment, looks to expand beyond Bay Area: Since Starbucks already let local chain La Boulange take over their pastries, maybe they ought to let Philz do their coffee too. [H/t: sfgate

People Are Already Banning Google Glass: You can't ban the future. Or ban people from being idiots in public. [H/t: SFist

Ten Great Beer Cocktails to Fire Up Your Cookouts: Here's the recipe for our favorite beer cocktail: Step One, remove beer from refrigerator. Step Two: Open beer. [H/t: 7x7

Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of KRON-TV’s Whistle Tips Viral Video: Has it really been ten years? This famous viral video from KRON 4 inspired us to take up journalism in the first place. Here's to you, Bubb Rubb and Li'l Sis. [H/t: SF Citizen


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