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Mythbusting Adam Savage

Five things you didn't know about the Mythbusters host.

October is the Savagest month. The geek icon is at the Orpheum for the Mythbusters live show (October 12) and has three City Arts & Lectures interviews at the Nourse Theater. While that’s a whole lot of Savage for one month, it’s an opportunity to learn about the man behind the goatee. Here, some oddball facts.

1. He’s a theater geek at heart: “I’ve always joked that theater is the only art form that will survive the apocalypse totally intact.”

2. Interviews give him stage fright: “They make me nervous, but it’s really good practice. I try to be overprepared.”

3. He didn’t want to call it Mythbusters: “I remember thinking that the title was terrible. I didn’t think the show could take off with an awful name. It turned out that the program grew around our enthusiasm, which I like to think means that there’s a place for thought-provoking television.”

4. He feels like a rock star—in a ridiculous way: “Anytime we’re on our way to the stage, I think of that scene in This is Spinal Tap, because we’ve gotten lost before.”

5. He’ll do weddings: “I’m an ordained minister. When I’m at City Arts, I’m trying to put all of the audience’s attention on the guest, and the nearest equivalent is performing weddings.”


Originally published in the October 2013 issue of San Francisco 

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