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New York, Through a San Franciscan's Eyes

Take that, NYC. Here's what your metro area looks like to us.

 The NYC Metro Area through a San Franciscan's Eyes

 The Bay Area Through a New Yorker's Eyes

San Francisco and New York are exactly alike: They're both totally allergic to analogies. With that in mind, it was no surprise that the recent geographic gag, The Bay Area, Through a New Yorker's Eyes, left a lot of people reeling. "I don't know why," Conde Nasty wrote via SFist, "but it has become deeply important to me to establish an airtight analogy between the NYC Metro Area and the SF Bay Area...I'm gonna go call a therapist." Equally consumed, we decided it was time to put the shoe on the other foot. Here, we look at the New York metropolitan region with Bay Area colored glasses, refining those unimpeachable comparisons between the two places that hate them most. Take a closer look on our Tumblr page.

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