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Not So Fast: Pagani Automobili Ditches Mission Plan

Turns out whole thing was a big misunderstanding. Our hearts are a tiny bit broken.


And just like that, Pagani Automobili shows us its taillights and drives into the sunset. The rumored ultra-luxury car showroom on Valencia Street is not happening after all. In fact, it looks like the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, and the Italian automakers were stymied by San Francisco’s famously Byzantine zoning regulations.

Via email, Pagani sales director William Collick explained that Pagani had hoped to open a boutique for their non-car products on Valencia, saying that they consider themselves a design company first and that the proposed store would have featured jewelry, luggage, leatherwear, and even home furnishings from Pagani’s design team. “In no way, should the Pagani Concept Space be confused with a car dealership.”

Yeah, okay, that makes a heck of a lot more sense. Although to be honest, we’re a little disappointed; we were starting to warm up to the idea of an insane, out-of-nowhere million dollar car showroom in the Mission. Granted, it would have had no business being there, but the whole thing would have been so weird and unexpected we couldn’t help but dig it. Like having a block of Disneyland dropped into the neighborhood out of the blue.

But it seems even the planned boutique won’t be happening. Mission Local reports that renovations at 461 Valencia would have run higher than the Italian automaker wanted to commit to. By email, Collick complained that (unspecified) planning department rules made the venture untenable.

So, it looks like nothing is changing on the block. There are lots of Mission denizens who default to thinking no news is good news when it comes to the ever-changing vibe of the neighborhood, and maybe they’re right. Still, some small part of us will always secretly yearn for the crazy, no-reason artisan sports car gallery that vanished like a tragic mirage just as we reached out for it.



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