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Our Favorite Tweets About BatKid, Part Two

More of what you were saying about the real-life superhero.

Batkid at AT&T Park

The saga of BatKid—a five-year old leukemia survivor named Miles who wanted to become Batman really, really bad—has captivated the world today. (That's thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, remember.) It felt like the entire city of San Francisco turned out to cheer him on as Miles saved the Giants' Lou Seal from the clutches of the dastardly Penguin this afternoon, before being presented the key to the grateful town at City Hall.

Here's round two of what you were saying on Twitter this afternoon (Click here for our first Twitter round up): 

@the_blueprint: batkid carrying out batman's mission (become a symbol of hope) in real life. he's not playing batman. he. is. batman.

@mkady: Snarky/sarcastic tweets about #SFBatKid should = immediate unfollow today!

@amymiller: This is what happens when you let penguins gentrify your neighborhoods. #SFBatKid 

@dasupa1: AT&T Park is a real life Field of Dreams today. #SFBatKid @SFGiants

@dulcecalor: This #SFBatKid completely redeems AT&T Park after the Kimye engagement incident.

@thescottbishop: Can we send #SFBatKid to Washington D.C.?

@Emptywontons: Even @the_ironsheik thinks that #SFBatkid is the real.

@burritojustice#SFBatKid extends BART to the beach, approves 30th St infill station & 2nd Transbay Tube. (oh, wait, that’s#SFBARTKid)

@artshimko: If the #SFBatKid story doesn't put a lump in your throat then remove your head from out of your ass.

@seldo#SFBatKid is San Francisco's brand of crazy turned to one the best possible uses. You guys, this city is fantastic sometimes.

@abroshar: Heard at #SFUnionSquare: "Look, he's not 'THE Batkid'. He's just 'Batkid,' unless you're like the Joker or something."#SFBatKid


@DashTreyhorn: "I have one rule. Be adorable." #SFBatKid

@kevinmonty: Peter Shih doesn't understand why he never got to be BatKid #PeterShihFacts

@Nelsormensch: Okay, I kinda thought the whole "Lou Seal" thing was an Arrested Development joke. That's a real SF thing, eh?

@SFBayBridge: Will be gridlocky on my span this evening, because everyone's hearts are just so big today that it'll be hard for you all to fit. #SFBatKid

@johndiazchron#SFBatKid, you've pulled off true #superhero feat, uniting a city divided by tenants/landlords, progressives/mods, techies/everyone else! 

@ITredux: I don't think Bob Kane had any idea what his legacy would inspire today when he created Batman #sfbatkid

@Talon64#SFBatKid, satisfied over a job well done, goes back to his real life as #SFSpiderKid

 @WillOremus: This #batkid phenomenon is the most cynic-proof viral social-media thing I've seen yet. Even Slate can't think of any#slatepitches.

@mkhammer#Batkid should quit reinforcing stifling gender norms by cutely rescuing damsels in distress. Come on, San Francisco! #slatepitches

@ScottDubois: Watching #SFBatKid is awesome. Don't forget to donate to The Make-a-Wish Foundation so this can happen again:

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