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A Reward for the Faithful

Anita Parameswaran and Rohan Vaidya


Buyers: Anita Parameswaran and Rohan Vaidya
Bought: 4-bed, 4.5-bath in Oceanview
Asking: $1.29M
Final: $1.33M
Realtor: Leara Deane, McGuire

Nine years in an affordable apartment, 17 years of full-time work and diligent saving, and months of compiling a neat little stack of financial records—for Anita Parameswaran and Rohan Vaidya, that’s what it took to finally buy their own little piece of San Francisco. “That sounds so ludicrous. It took a lot of time to save for this, but we got to a place where we could do it,” Vaidya says.

Parameswaran, a third-grade teacher at Daniel Webster Elementary, and Vaidya, who works in sales at a software company, began looking to buy when their affordable but tiny two-bedroom apartment in the Excelsior started feeling cramped, which coincided with their daughter entering toddlerhood. They dreamed of—what else?—a three-bedroom, two-bathroom with an open floor plan in San Francisco. But with their budget of $1.2 million, they knew they would have to look closer to the city’s southern border. “We knew we would have to be in the southern parts, like Ingleside, Excelsior. We couldn’t really afford to go north,” Parameswaran says. And for a while, it was seeming like they couldn’t afford anything, regardless of cardinal direction. They gave themselves a deadline of December 2017. “If we didn’t find something in the city by then, we would have to expand our search,” Vaidya recalls.

They looked at dozens of houses, but nothing seemed right until they happened across one house in particular. “When we saw this house—it was our dream house,” Parameswaran says wistfully. It was listed at a little above their budget, but they made an offer just slightly higher anyway—they meant business. “We lost it. To someone else. They had given it to someone else.” Parameswaran sounds as if she’s talking about a college boyfriend who broke her heart.

After that loss, Parameswaran couldn’t help comparing every house with the one that got away. “We looked at a Daly City house, and it was nice and not too far from the other one, but I just didn’t want Daly City and it wasn’t sitting well with me. Rohan wanted to make an offer and told me, ‘You have to let it go.’”

But just like a college boyfriend, the house eventually sauntered back into the picture. Two weeks after it had slipped through their fingers, the deal fell apart—it was back on the market. “Rohan was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s back. But don’t freak out too much, because it’s still way too high and out of our price range.’” They made one last-ditch offer at $10,000 above their original offer. The seller said, “‘OK, let’s talk.’”

There were negotiations, inspections—and then it was theirs, for $1.33 million. The family made it official in mid-July and moved in shortly after. Even though they suffered mightily for it, Parameswaran can’t help feeling like they had karma on their side.


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Originally published in the November issue of San Francisco

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