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Sorry, Stanford: Malia Obama Liked Cal Better

Meet the anti-Chelsea.


There are only two eternal truths in this world: Time passes unrelentingly, moving you one step closer to death with every breath you take; and presidents' daughters always pick Stanford over Berkeley.

Not so fast, Palo Alto.

Some things you may not know: President Barack Obama's 15-year-old daughter Malia is now old enough to be touring colleges and universities. And number two: She likes Cal better than Stanford. Quod erat demonstrandum. (For you Cardinal alums too busy working on startups to have attended Latin class, that means "In your face.") Perhaps we should mention at this point that, yes, we went to Berkeley.

Malia (or as we prefer to call her, Mini-Michelle) reportedly took a low-key tour of both campuses recently. She's in California for the summer working as an intern as a production assistant for a Steven Spielberg-helmed television show. A source told Matier and Ross, "The White House has really low-keyed this. She came with a couple of friends [and] they did the regular tour, and probably some extra stuff."

The older of the President's two daughters also took a tour of Chelsea Clinton's alma mater, Stanford. Showing a laudable tolerance for Telegraph Avenue, and (dare we say it?) Presidential timber than Bill and Hillary's daughter, Malia "made it clear Berkeley compared very favorably with Stanford."

Good news for the budding bear cub's chances of acceptance: If UC Berkeley admitted us, they'll let just about anybody waltz in.


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