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Summer Treats? Or Bay Area Athletes?

Who will follow in Sergio Romo's footsteps and get his own ice cream flavor? 

Giants closer Sergio Romo recently signed on with Three Twins to promote a flavor called "Sergio Romo's Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream." No big deal, right?  Chocolate ice cream with cinammon sounds delicious! Except the tagline for the flavor reads: "It only tastes illegal."

Whoa. Okay, things just got real.

This, of course, is a reference to Romo rocking his "I only look illegal" t-shirt at the Giants' 2012 World Series victory parade, a fashion choice that sparked both controversy and pride. This news got us thinking. Which other Bay Area athletes deserve their own ice cream flavor with a politically risque tagline? We brainstormed, discussed, and reached out for suggestions from the ice cream namers at Eat My Words to compile our list. Here, the ten scoops we'd happily lick.

1. Pablo Sandoval's Panda Droppings

"You can be fat, too!"

2. Stephen Curry's Rainbow 3 Sherbet
"Bring it home and you're guaranteed to score!"

3. Yoenis Cespedes' Cuba Libre Crunch
"Coca-Cola, lime, and rum—tastes like freedom!"

4. Chris Culliver's Creamy Chubby
"You'll go gay for it!"

5. Colin Kaepernick's Confusing Colors
"Well, we know it's not vanilla!"

6. Sebastian Janikowski's Bloody Bliss
"Perfect to pair with a beer at the pub!"

7. Tim Lincecum's Herbal Orange
"Cy no more, this is long relief!"

8. Coco Crisp's Coco Crisp
"Our marketing department got a day off!"

9. Hunter Pence's Pistachio Rage
"Eat it, or he eats you! Seriously."

10. Vernon Davis' Paint-By-Numbers
"For when you just need a good cry!"

We came up with all of these in about 25 minutes flat; surely you can beat them. Hit us up on Twitter with your best athlete ice cream inventions. 

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