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Ten Places Hotter Than San Francisco Right Now

81 degrees?! What is this, Iraq?!

Not pictured: You.

It's hot in the Bay Area right now—temperatures over the next few days are expected to hit 89 in San Francisco, 94 in San Jose, and even 101 in Gilroy. But if the chatter around the San Francisco watercooler is any indication, those numbers drastically underestimate how hot it feels today.

Honestly—how are we supposed to feel superior to t-shirt-and-jort-clad tourists when we'd rather be wearing t-shirts and jorts? What are we supposed to do with our North Face pull over? So here's a public service announcement: It isn't really that hot. 

It isn't. We're just spoiled. (And besides, your office thermostat is set to 75 today, the way it always is.)

To prove it, here's a totally unscientific list we pulled from Accuweather of temperatures in cities around the world that are, as of posting this blog, hotter than we are right now.

1. Basra, Iraq 95°
2. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 93°
3. Barranquilla, Colombia 93°
4. Bangalore, India 91°
5. Bangkok, Thailand 88°
6. Brazzaville, Congo 88°
7. Miami, Florida 87°
8. Kolkata, India 86°
9. New York City, New York 84°
10. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 84°

Side note: Global warming is now a permanent and unalterable threat to humanity and you should expect nothing but rising temperatures every year for the rest of your life. Happy Monday!


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