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The Best 49 Tweets about the Worst Superbowl Ever

 49ers fans were hoping for a big win last night, but came up short. Lucky for us, we live in the most tech-happy city in the world—and Twitter didn't let us down. Here's 49 of our favorite online reactions.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick exiting the field after the 34-31 loss.

49. @Tommy_Wreck: #49ERS were damn impressive. Gracious in defeat and definitely proved that they're still championship material. Next year!!!

48. @harrystagram: [takes off 49ers shirt and wipes tears with it]

47. @CapitolAlert: Jerry Brown says 49ers 'screwed up' but showed 'intestinal fortitude'

46. @trillxcash: I'm proud of my team win or lose, I've always had 49ers blood.


44. @thelancearthur: It's 2013. You need the gays on your side or you're gonna lose. #49ers #Romney

43. @mikewhitmore: Well, the 49ers lost #SuperBowl47 but they don't have to go home to Baltimore.

42. @WendellPierce: #49ers Who's Got It Better Than Us? Baltimore !!!!!!!

41. @HistorianQuotes: "49ers shirts come tomorrow!" - Kids in Africa

40. @The_Coach_Mike: You'll think I'm not wearing my #49ers gear tomorrow??? You'll crazy as hell. I'm wearing it tomorrow.

39. @Travon: 49ers getting no pass interference calls all game? That's so Raven.#Superbowl

38. @cwnevius: #superbowl Bourbon Street bar barker: "We are having a special. Buy one drink and get a second for exactly the same price.

37. @Vbaby55: Rolling around the house in PJ, eating Fruit Loops, and avoiding ESPN. you can tell I'm sad about the @49ers #theresalwaysnextyear

36. @Swagggboy2011: I think Stevie Wonder cast a spell on the 49ers

35. @SkeevieJay: 49ers did have me sweating duck sauce last night tho, ain't gonna lie..

34. @Great_AZCatsby: Funny to hear Harbaugh criticism this morning. The 49ers were wallowing in irrelevance and mediocrity before his arrival changed everything.

33. @jnwrotc: Ravens headed to the White House for photo op, 49ers to the Romneys for milkshakes.

32. @MeganSBlair: "It's a limited edition." - guy on st selling 49ers world champion tshirts #NewOrleans

31. @gabeperezlizard: Im still just generaly glad that 49ers are relevant and back in the mix. Next season their still gonna be one of the top teams.

30. @DuncanKostowicz: For any nerds out there, that blackout last night was equivalent to the 49ers using a lag switch.

29. @LadyBDev: @49ers did a great job this year! Had fun rooting for them. Can't wait til next season. Now it's @SanJoseSharks time!

28. @taylaaa: All you 49ers fans, it's time to switch to basketball and check out the Warriors on the come up! Great things happening across the bay

27. @chakalos_2: 49ers shoulda stuck to their game plan when inside the 10. They passed on every down and didn't run any of the option, which worked

26. @nycsf: Great leaders celebrate successes with others & will take the blame for failures. Kaep a leader in the making

25. @Weathers199: Not gonna lie I think the 49ers got robbed by the refs on that 4th n goal .. Crabtree was getting bear hugged in the end zone!

24. EyeHeartSF Still faithful. Great season. The future is bright with @Kaepernick7 at the helm! Go #49ers #EyeHeartSF

23. @cheezelady: #Superbowl may be over, but #grilledcheese lives on. Go to @fandwand find one of my cheesiest recipes to date.

22. @KamalaHarris: Congratulations to the Ravens; the 49ers gave it their all. I'm sure MD AG @DougGansler will enjoy the CA wine and dinner.

21. @ESPN_Numbers: The 49ers are only the 3rd team to ever LOSE the Super Bowl despite out-gaining their opponent by 100+ yds ('01 Rams & '08 Cardinals).

20. @EriktheRed20: I want one of the 49ers Super Bowl champions shirts even though they didn't win. #NINERNATION #NinerForLife

19. @KaylaDiDonato: Although the 49ers lost, I think I lost it when Kelly and Michelle hit that stage! #theladiesareback #destinyschild #hallelujah

18. @FueledByRamen23: 5-yd holding penalty would've given SF half the distance, 1st&goal from 2 1/2. 4 plays to score or eat final 1:46. Niners probably win.

17. @AdamSchein: I had no problem with officiating on Crabtree play. None. I had a big problem with all 4 plays SF called on offense at end.

16. @hellacolbysandy: U know what? Niners still rule and SF has better weed, so we win in the end. #dank

15. @MeatMaven: Seriously, have you been to Batimore? Let's let them have this one because we already have so much. #SF

14. @sabler: Residents of SF, please set riot fires with locally-sourced items only and stick to trashing NON-hybrid buses. There’s an image to maintain.

13. @duplaselton: you know what's super fun to say to SF fans right now? "it's just a game."

12. @L8_BMV: When people said to me after the 49ers lost "it's only a game"... Only a game? ONLY A GAME!? Do you even know me!?!?

11. @FuzzyOtterBalls: Look on the bright side, SF. You came back from a huge deficit to make it a game and none of your players were stabbed to death by Ray Lewis

10. @YeahItsOpe: God was with Ray lewis, that's why the 49ers didn't win even though they were with the Illuminati.

9. @FitzTheReporter: Here's the thing about football-- the guy with the most points, usually wins. Insight baby, insight! #superbowl #49ers

8. @MrSexton30: I think the 49ers traded for Leon Sandcastle during the blackout. That's the only thing that explains San Frans comeback.@DeionSanders #NFL

7. @BrandonSprague: Woke up this morning and couldn't help but wonder if the 49erswould have won, had the Montana miracle stain not been washed off

6. @The_Astephens: My friend got super drunk last night so we convinced him that the49ers won and he still thinks they won

5. @mims: How SF's Superbowl Loss Will Puncture The Tech Bubble, by some random guy at Forbes

4. @mayoredlee: Congratulations to the entire @49ers organization. Thrilling season, thrilling game. The entire bay area stands behind our NFC champs!

3. @cbloggy: Oaklands all lol wut RT @mayoredlee: Congratulations to the entire@49ers organization. The entire bay area stands behind our NFC champs!"

2. @jowyang: Cultural Translation: When SF wins (World Series) we light city ablaze, 4hen defeated, we quietly drink blue bottle coffee.

1. @MaioccoCSN: John Harbaugh said "absolutely not" to question about ever re-watching SB XLVII with brother Jim, 49ers coach.