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The Facebook Bot That Can Read Your Freaking Mind

On the eeriness of "What Would I Say?" 

What Would I Say?

What Would I Say? 

The latest and greatest Facebook time waster is What Would I Say? Feed in your Facebook information, and the bot generates fake—but plausible—status updates. So in the interest of journalism, we punched in our own accounts. Here in all their evocative, splendid, and grammatically-challenged glory is what we would say:

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: 
More proof that Josh Sens doesn't get one of these.
Oaklanders, I do not envy you and one photo editor. If version of Roman ruins. We're moving in.
The Muppets do I like this
6 tales of starcrossed hipsters.
It's a petting zoo on steroids up there.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor:
yo I'm crowdsourcing a Marxist
It's like five blunts in which I made a video about four blocks from 19th St. BART, two from the prisonindustrial complex? What would you
we made some friends in Vietnam. Martin Luther King Jr., what I JUST like this

Scott Lucas, Web Editor:
Convinced that persimmon/ squash ravioli is a David Chiu's reelection.
Just found out I will be trite and shout.
Oh jesus f.
It's not too late to vote in plastics.

Stevanie Wanza-Blank, Editorial Intern:
I think my liver could use a hug...
It was attached to feel things
Optimus Prime of love new york city
feelin the space. an interesting use. all natural products with no numbers.
shake off outside my apartment

Sean Pyles, Editorial Intern:
Don't threaten me, Facebook 


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